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Teflon and PET Coated Rubber Stoppers

Teflon and PET Coated Rubber Stoppers
Product name : Teflon and PET Coated Rubber Stoppers
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Coated rubber stoppers include Teflon medical coated rubber stoppers and PET coated medical rubber stoppers which the former is often applied to Chinese medicine compound preparation as well as other high-end chemical therapeutic drugs and the latter is suitable for use with therapeutic transfusion and cephalosporin powder injection.

■Good adhesion, ease of cleaning, non-hardening and non-stickness etc.
■The coating will prevent potential contamination between the rubber contact surface and the medicine, thereby expanding the applications for the stoppers.
■Obtained satisfactory results and verification for compatibility tests with medicines.
■Suitable for normal operating use in high-speed sub-assembly lines.
■Effectively reduce instances of leakage during needle insertion, extraction and ‘inversion-hanging’.

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